“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”

Anne Marie Bonneau

Anna – The Plastic Free Baker

Hello, and welcome. My name is Anna, the Plastic Free Baker, and I am on a mission, to bake the most delicious treats in the most sustainable way possible.

Since #plasticfreejulychallenge (2018), I have been trying to reduce the plastic consumed in my house. There were easy swaps, like hair shampoo, or changing the make of tea bags to ones not containing plastic and setting up a compost bin in my garden. There were also areas I struggled with more, like toothpaste, as I was not a fan of toothpaste tabs, and purchasing meat, dairy and pet products, to name just a few!

Baking has always been my hobby. However, that July I truly realised the way I chose my ingredients was directly impacting the planet and future generations to come. I set up an Instagram page, @plasticfreebaker, to help make me more accountable, and to hopefully inspire others.

The Ginger one

Here at Plastic Free Baker I have removed the struggle to one part of your journey. When ordering a box from me, I can promise that none of the ingredients have come in plastic; all waste has been recycled correctly ensuring minimal to little impact on mother earth. In fact, where possible the ingredients I use will have no packaging, as they are either items I have picked/collected fresh myself, or purchased through a no waste scheme. I also where appropriate i.e Sugar will always use fair trade and organic products.

After eating the delicious cookies and scrumptious brownies, all the packaging is readily recyclable. Making your job, and decision to purchase from us that much easier.

Plastic Free Baker are also sooooo excited to announce that we are now in partnership with One Tree Planted. This means that for every cookie/ brownie box purchased you will also be planting one tree! Giving back to the environment, helping to stop deforestation, filter air, and providing habitats to the majority of the worlds inhabitants! Who says you cant have it all?!?!?!

More about the ingredients and packaging I use can be found here.